I'm Ryan Blunden, a live and session drummer from Melbourne, Australia.

Whether it's hard rock, blasting metal or tight funk, my job is to be one with the bass, make the guitars more impactful, and follow the dynamics of the vocals. In short, provide the ultimate foundation on which great music can be built.


Info about the bands I've played in and who I've played with. You can listen to music I've recorded in the music section.


Misdirection were a hard rock band based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I recorded the "Stick Around" EP  in 2010 with Matt Bartlem from Loose Stones studios. We always had a good time on stage and played some great shows.


Lynchmada were a metalcore  band based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I recorded "The Other Mexico" and "The Biggest Disappointment is You". The many years of hard work and national touring saw us play with some of my favourite metal bands such as Lamb of God and The Black Dahlia Murder, plus we played the Gold Coast Big Day out in 2008.

What I'm doing now