SHELLS - Mapex Black Panther Blaster 5 piece pack

A stunning looking kit with a monstrous and focused sound. The bass drum is really punchy for a 22" and the toms are a breeze to tune.  More..

SNARE - Mapex Black Panther BrassCat

I love the versatility the BrassCat snare gives me when playing live. The dynamics and responsiveness are great and when I need a slamming sound, it delivers with a full-bodied tone and sharp crack.  More...

CYMBALS - Zildjian A-Customs

When you're on a good thing, stick with it and I've been using these live and in the studio since 2005!

Zildjian A Custom cymbals provide to my ears, the perfect balance between a sharp initial attack and a beautiful shimmering decay. They sound so good under mics and the 22" crash/ride is a great cymbal for when need a wash of sound without clear accents.

They're surprisingly tough too and have served me well on tour, and in the studio. More...

HARDWARE - DW 5000 Series

DW Hardware has never let me down. It's as tough as nails and has every adjustment option you can think of.

What originally drew me to DW hardware was the DW 5000 double kick pedals, as the left and right pedal felt exactly the same. This is so critical for maintaining good balance and dexterity between your feet. More...